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New York Image Consulting - Look your best every day.

First impressions matter. Your appearance, makeup, hair and clothes are as important as your smile. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in business and social relationships. Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, single, or in need of general self image improvement, you found the right image consultant. We are top Image Consultant in NY and Manhattan.

How can Image Consultant help me?

Most men do not realize just how much fashion choices impact their professional and personal success. Whether you need the right look for that all-important business meeting, business casual, special event or a first date, you have come to the right person. With my help, you will make the right decisions that will create opportunities you never knew existed. To your surprise and delight, getting dressed and shopping will become a purposeful and enjoyable experience. Looking great in New York City, will help you get more dates and meet more women, without going out of your way to get female attention.

What can Image Consulting do for me?

Helps you develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality. You will consistently dress better and be more attractive to others. Pride in your personal appearance and confidence in your sense of fashion will free you to express yourself better, win hearts, make friends, and influence those you care about. After you work with our image consultants, you will notice how just walking on the street in NY, and looking great, will turn a lot of heads your way.

:: First, we analyze your personality, lifestyle,
    and ambitions.

:: Then we help you develop an original and
    enhanced style based on who you are.

:: You end up with a personal transformation
   and a life-long understanding of how style
   adds to your personal power

Image Makeover Consultation

Clients will find that our NY Image consultant service pays for itself by creating a new sense of self-confidence based on discovery and display of personal assets. The image consultanting and personal shopping services we provide are similar if not better than the hit TV shows "What Not to Wear", "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Extreme Makeover" so get ready for the ultimate New York makeover!

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Image Consultant in New York

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