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"A lot of problems come from the wrong mind set--a lot of guys are too eager to please so they go above and beyond to prove themselves worthy. These guys are too nice and never say NO to a girl. This is what I like to call, "Nice Guy Syndrome" and unfortunately this kind of guy will eventually be told,"Lets be friends" says Antonia, a dating coach with New York Dating Coach

- Herald Tribune

Last summer, now 31, Mr. Brodsky bought New York Dating Coach extensive training package. The dating coach shadowed him as he approached women and brought in an image consultant who overhauled his wardrobe, hairstyle and eyewear.

"I used to put good-looking women very high on a pedestal," said Mr. Brodsky, who had pocketed a woman's number that very morning. "Now, I have just as much to offer them."

- New York Times

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